The War Of The Roses: A Review

WarOfTheRosesDirected By: Danny DeVito
Starring: Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas
Status: Released

Danny DeVito re-teams with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner after Romancing The Stone to adapt a 1981 book by Warren Adler into a black comedy for the ages.

The film opens in the office of Gavin D’Amato (Danny DeVito), a divorce attorney who is in a meeting with a client who is hellbent on divorcing his wife. Before starting the appointment, Gavin decides to tell him the story of a couple who were clients of his, Oliver & Barbara Rose (Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner) a married couple who start out as any normal loving family even raising two kids of their own but cracks start to develop in the relationship as they both grow to resent each other. Barbara launches divorce proceedings but they both want the house they live in for their own reasons so they begin an all out battle to see who will vacate first. Finishing his story, Gavin presents his client with 2 options: 1. proceed with the divorce and face a horrific bloodbath in court or 2. go home to his wife with any shred of decency he had and try to settle things with his wife properly.

Clip “The Dinner Party” courtesy: MovieClips

Interestingly, I never saw this until  yesterday (Sunday February 26, 2017), These 2 are so convincing and Michael Douglas does such a good job playing the husband everybody loves to hate. He always had a knack for playing the bad guy role to perfection as evidenced in such films as Wall Street and Falling Down. Kathleen turner adds another layer of madness to the picture as a wife who resents her husband so much that she will do anything to be rid of him. Watch this film if you haven’t, it’s one of DeVito’s finest directing efforts.


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