Finding Dory: A Review

FindingDoryDirected By: Andrew Stanton
Starring: Ed O’Neil, Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks
Status: Released

Ellen DeGeneres knocks it out of the park again as the loveable but forgetful Blue Tang Dory in this follow up to the 2003 film Finding Nemo.

In this film, Pixar peels back the curtain and gives us some of Dory’s backstory about her childhood and how she ended up meeting Nemo and Marlin (who also return) in the first movie. We find Dory on a normal day when something triggers a memory that sends Dory, Marlin & Nemo on a daring quest to find Dory’s parents within the confines of a Marine park on California’s coast. Along the way she meets Hank (voiced by Ed O’Neil, TV’s Al Bundy), an Orange Octopus who is fearful of being touched and an assortment of other fish including a whale shark named Destiny.

I’m not going to reveal too much for those readers of mine who have yet to see this film but I will tell you this, I have a friend who kept digging at me to see this if not for anything else to see Hank, she said he was just so cute even during his grumpy moments and I am glad I did because he’s my favorite character now. Go and buy it if you haven’t it is a real visual spectacle that everyone will love.

Clip “Meet Hank” courtesy: MovieClips

This movie is so cute on so many levels. Sure it may be a simple story about finding where you came from but Ellen DeGeneres is so phenomenal as Dory and Ole’ Hank may start out as  grump but man you just wanna hug him by the end. Pixar definitely created a sequel to be proud of.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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