Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure: A Review

PeeWeesBigAdventureDirected By: Tim Burton
Starring: Paul Reubens
Status: Released

Tim Burton’s directorial debut undoubtedly turned Pee-Wee Herman into a global icon in fact demand was so great that a sequel of sorts was made called Big Top Pee-Wee.

In his first outing we find the childlike Pee-Wee Herman (played to perfection by Paul Reubens) going on a cross country chase to retrieve his beloved bicycle. Heeding the words of a fortune teller he meets a lot of odd characters and gets himself into strange predicaments on his quest to recover his most prized possession.

I had more trouble getting my first job at a restaurant than I did that job and It was really a great first film for me because I got to play around with a lot of sub-genres and it was a film that was kind of under the radar so they didn’t torture me too much.
-Tim Burton

Clip: “I Know You Are But What Am I” courtesy MovieClips

I always thought Tim Burton was a genius in everything he did from Beetlejuice to Pee-Wee I have always been a fan of his work. And Paul Reubens love him or hate him you cannot help but feel young again for a moment when watching a film of this calibre. The writing keeps it fresh and the jokes are very well timed. And who could forget Pee-Wee’s Tequila Dance when he meets the bikers, truly a moment in cinematic time that one must see. Whatever you may think of Pee-Wee Herman this is a film that will transport you back in time to a decade when Movies were far less technical and more simplistic.

And then there is the music, this film is what started a partnership that still lasts to this day. Danny Elfman & Tim Burton have worked together on nearly all of Burton’s films and this one was the one that lit the spark to the partnership:

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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