Tangled: A Review

TangledDirected By: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
Starring: Mandy Moore (Voice)
Status: Released

Walt Disney Pictures has been known far and wide for their smooth animation (both Computer and traditional) excellent storytelling and music you’ll wanna dance to all night long. Now they take on the famed story of Rapunzel with a spin that they pulled off nicely.

Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) who longs to be out of the tower she’s been trapped in since she was young, strikes up a deal with Flynn Rider, the kingdom’s most wanted bandit to help her escape. It is then that this mismatched duo set off on an expedition of epic proportions and Rapunzel discovers life on the outside isn’t as pretty as she first thought, especially since a band of pub thugs are after her magical hair.

Clip: “Horsing Around” (courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Flowing with excellent Disney Imagery that uses some technologies first developed by Disney legend Ub Iwerks, Tangled is definitely one that you should put on your bucket list of films to watch if you want to see a different spin on Rapunzel

My Rating 5/5 Stars


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