Deadpool: A Review

DeadpoolDirected By: Tim Miller
Starring: Ryan Reynolds
Status: Released

Like A Hologram For The King, I didn’t know what to expect with Deadpool. I mean what kind of a hero name is Deadpool?

Based on Marvel Comics’ ultimate anti-hero, Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces fighter turned Mercenary who after being the subject of a rogue experiment that leaves his with accelerated healing powers, he adopts the persona of Deadpool and armed with his new powers and a quirky sense of humour he sets out to get revenge against the man who nearly killed him.

Here is what Peter Travers of Rolling Stone thought of Deadpool:
Full Review on Rolling

This movie had it all, action comedy and hey Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and if you like Superhero films then this is one to watch, Reynolds knocks it out of the park as an
unconventional hero with a brash sense of humour and the skills to take down even the worst of enemies…….Cue The Music!!!!

Clip: “2 Girls 1 Punch” courtesy MovieClips:

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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