Columbo: A Review


Directed By: Various
Starring: Peter Falk
Created By: William Link
Status: Released/Ended
Full Disclosure: What I am about to review isn’t a full fledged movie but a TV Show, I will explain why.

Peter Falk stars as Lieutenant Columbo, a police detective with the Los Angeles Police Department who always wears a ratty trench coat and can be seen almost always with a cigar. His appearance might lead some criminals to think that he has no clue what he is doing but his attention to detail is apparent throughout the whole show.

Now for why I chose to review this, each episode plays like a Movie Serial (typically running 73 to 100 Minutes) which is the typical run time of a film. It almost always starts with the crime being committed by the perp so there was no whodunnit scenario and the viewer then gets to see Columbo work his investigative magic piecing the clues and evidence together to catch the perp.

What started as a Saturday Night TV Movie called “Prescription: Murder” evolved into a 10 season show with several mystery movies that closed out the show as it began. In some circles Peter Falk is more known for this character than his entire body of work which makes Columbo such an iconic character, He set the tone for all police procedural shows of later years including Law & Order, CSI and L.A. Law

Clip: “Columbo’s Great Investigative Style”

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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