Good Guys Wear Black: A Review

GoodGuysWearBlackDirected By: Ted Post
Starring: Chuck Norris
Status: Released

Action Icon Chuck Norris (Missing In Action, Lone Wolf McQuade) stars as John T. Booker, an Ex-Vietnam Commando who is suddenly thrown back into his past when someone is trying to kill off the remaining members of the Commando unit that was under his command.

Backroom deals, dirty Tricks and war themed politics are in full force as Booker, with the aid of a beautiful reporter uncovers a trail of deceit and deception that rages from the battlefield to the halls of Washington, DC.

Staged with Chuck Norris’ trademark martial arts action including the now famous scene in which he plows feet first into a car’s windshield. This film is for any fan of martial arts in general. Weather you are still hankering for the good old days of Bruce Lee or you want something to watch with your pals in your man cave, this will definitely satisfy that action craving you may have.

Clip: “Official Trailer” courtesy MrNorrisVideos

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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