Pirates Of Silicon Valley: A Review

PiratesOfSiliconValleyDirected By: Martyn Burke
Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Noah Wyle, Joey Slotnick
Status: Released

This film is the semi-humorous biography on the battle to rule the Personal Computer empire and the story of how two modern day visionaries Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world. From their college days, to the founding of their companies and the monumental success of Apple Computer and Microsoft Corporation.

Being someone who grew up around computers (My first one had MS-DOS 6.22 and now I have a Macbook Pro) this was a film I was very interested in, I learned quite a few things. I never knew of a guy named Captain Crunch (real name John Draper) or Steve Ballmer or even Ed Roberts but the competition between these two visionaries and how they both had big plans in mind for what they wanted the future to look like, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were success stories for a reason because they were so brilliant each in their own talented way. Must watch if you’ve ever wanted to know about how the things we use everyday were made.

Clip: “Official Trailer”

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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