Super Size Me: A Review

SuperSizeMeDirected By: Morgan Spurlock
Starring: Morgan Spurlock
Status: Released

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock subjects himself to a McDonald’s Only diet for thirty days without exercise
and the only rule is that if he is asked to Supersize his fries
he must do so. He submits to a checkup with 3 doctors and compares his weight and interviews other health experts in his search to uncover the truth about the American obesity epidemic.

This film is definitely an eye opener as far as how really big obesity is as a whole. We live in a society that when they are hankering for a Big Mac sometimes don’t consider the long term effects of that great burger. Morgan Spurlock said in interviews that he wanted to do this to see if a McDonald’s diet with Supersize fries really makes people obese after reading the book Fast Food Nation. If you want an informative documentary that will make you eat McDonald’s sporadically then this is for you. Ever Since I saw this I haven’t got supersize fries if I eat at McDonald’s and now they don’t ask you if you want them, you need to yourself (in Canada anyway) so McDonald’s must have stood up and taken notice after this film was released.

Clip: “Official Trailer” courtesy: Cinedigm

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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