I Am Your Father: A Review

IAmYourFatherDirected By: Toni Bestard, Marcos Cabota
Starring: David Prowse, Lou Ferrigno
Status: Released

This documentary follows a group of dedicated Star Wars fans who make it their mission to place the face to the name
David Prowse, the man who has lived behind Darth Vader’s mask for three decades. They find out why he was forgotten about by Lucasfilm and attempt to restore the credit he deserves in a massive undertaking. Featuring interviews with celebrities including Lou Ferrigno and interviews with the actor himself, this film is a must see for any star wars fan wanting to go beyond the force to see a man who is known  as the physical form of one of cinema’s most revered villains but is yet somehow elusive.

When Someone Mentions Star Wars, The First Thing that comes to your mind is Darth Vader
-Lou Ferrigno

Official Trailer:

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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