Tommy: A Review

TommyDirected By: Ken Russell
Starring: Elton John, Roger Daltrey
Status: Released

based on The Who’s iconic rock opera, this musical through song and dance numbers tells the story of Tommy Walker, a Deaf Dumb & Blind kid who is shunned by almost everyone until he starts to play Pinball like a wizard. It is told through the point of view of Local Lad (Elton John) the current reigning pinball champion and you will love all the table tilting action that leads up to the emotionally charged climax.

This film will make you want to dance, most of the music was written by Peter Townshend and includes such Who staples as Pinball Wizard (That Deaf Dumb & Blind Kid Sure Plays A Mean Pinball) the writing is brilliant and the musical numbers are top notch, Roger Daltrey and Elton John are very simpatico together as actors that you would forget for a moment that they are musicians.

Clip: Trailer:

My Rating: 5/5 Stars



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