Silicon Cowboys: A Review


Directed By: Jason Cohen
Starring: Rod Canion, Jim Harris, Bill Murto
Status: Released

Started in 1981 in a Houston Texas diner by 3 former Texas Instruments co-workers, Compaq Computer set out to revolutionize the PC market long dominated by IBM by building a portable low cost computer. Many had tried to clone the tech giant’s code only to be silenced by IBM and it’s high priced lawyers. Discover the remarkable David VS Goliath story and eventual demise of Compaq, an unlikely upstart born from a simple idea that altered the face of computing and helped shape the world as we now know it today.

Filled with personal clips from Compaq’s history intertwined with interview footage with key members of the staff including it’s core founders, this documentary lovingly tells the story of one of the true unsung heroes of computing history. While most people lauder at Apple or Microsoft, Compaq helped establish portability as a viable option in the design of computers as well as many other innovations, truly worth watching.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Clip: Official Trailer (courtesy: MovieClips)


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