Eddie – A Review

EddieDirected By: Steve Rash
Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Frank Langella
Status: Released

This film is the Whoopster at her comical best. Goldberg plays Edwina “Eddie” Franklin, a limousine driver and die hard follower of the New York Knicks basketball team, and they are in last place. In order to shake things up the new owner “Wild Bill” Burgess (played by Frank Langella) holds an honorary coach contest which Eddie winds hands down, impressed with her endless knowledge of the game he takes a gamble and hires her as the full time coach. Eddie then goes about turning the masculine prima donnas into viable contenders who discover as a team, they need her as much as she needs them.

Overflowing with Whoopi Goldberg’s trademark comic style this is one comedy any basketball fan should put on their bucket list of films to watch with star packed support from the likes of NBA Stars like Dennis Rodman and Dennis Farina (Law & Order) this film does not disappoint.

Official Trailer: Courtesy 80’s Flix

My rating: 4/5 Stars: The Basketball action tends to get repetitive but the jokes more than make up for that


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