Going In Style (1979 George Burns): A Review

goinginstyle79Directed By: Martin Brest (Also Producer)
Starring: George Burns, Art Carney & Lee Strasberg
Status: Released

Three senoir citizens who live together are slowly decaying away on wasted days.With nothing to do but sit in the park and feed the pigeons, one of them comes up with a brilliant idea – Rob A Bank. They could certainly use the money if they were successful and if the police caught them, what could possibly happen to three old guys. So Donning three Marx Brothers disguises, they put their plan into action….with unexpected results

This in my opinion was one of ol’ Georgie’s best. It was this film that spawned the inspiration for Zach Braff’s recent film starring Michael Caine. The idea of a few guys robbing a bank was nothing new but a few older men was an entirely new concept that wasn’t used yet. In terms of laughability this rates up there with George Burns’ performance on Oh God!. Simple elegant and brilliantly executed.Definitely worth a watch.

Clip: Official Trailer Courtesy MovieClips Vault

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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