Oh, God! A Review

OhGod_1977Directed By: Carl Reiner
Starring: George Burns, John Denver
Status: Released

Legendary director Carl Reiner helms this hilarious and fantastic film that explores the human side of the big guy upstairs.

The Almighty lands on Earth in the form of a middle aged man (George Burns) who then enlists the help of a Grocery Store clerk (John Denver) to be his messenger on Earth and to spread his message.

With hilarity throughout, this is one of George Burns’ finest. Like I said in my review for his later film Going In Style George Burns’ performance was simplistic, elegant and very well executed. Add star packed support including Terri Garr as Denver’s wife in the film and a well written screenplay by M*A*S*H alumni Larry Gelbart adapted from Avery Corman’s novel, this film is definitely a classic that should be on every person’s watch list even if you’ve never heard of George Burns or been exposed to Burns & Allen at your Grandparents’ house. Seeing John Denver step outside his comfort zone of singing and branch into acting is worth it in itself.

Clip: Trailer (Youtube):

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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