Gunless: A Review

GunlessDirected By: William Phillips
Starring: Paul Gross, Sienna Guillory, Graham Greene
Status: Released

Canadian acting prodigy Paul Gross (TV’s Due South) heads way out west in this comedy of epic gunslinging proportions.

A quiet western town in the Dominion of Canada is shaken up by the arrival of a wounded, gun-toting American known only as The Montana Kid (Gross). He is wanted for the alleged killing of 7 men. He reveals himself as Sean Rafferty and things only get heated after he gets in the bad books of the local Military. With the armed bounty hunters on his trail, he challenges the local blacksmith to a duel of the fates, “Wild West Style”

This comedy hits all the high notes. In the tradition of all the western spoofs that came before it including Blazing Saddles. Paul Gross is absolutely terrific as The Montana Kid and Sienna Guillory and Graham Greene are among the talent lending star packed support to a western comedy packed with Shenannigans that will make you want practice your drawing skills.

Clip: Trailer

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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