Robin Hood: Men In Tights – A Review

RobinHoodMITDirected By: Mel Brooks
Starring: Cary Elwes, Roger Rees, Richard Lewis
Status: Released

Mel Brooks strikes a bullseye in this hilarious re-invention of the classic Robin Hood fable.

In days of old when men were men, men wore tights and none wore tights mightier or tighter than Robin Hood.
Aided by his band of outlaws known as the Merry Men, Robin Of Loxley wrestled power from the evil Prince John, brought humiliation upon the despicable Sheriff of Rottingham and won the key to the fair Maid Marian’s heart.

Robin returns from the Crusades to find King Richard is in Exile and his brother Prince John (Richard Lewis) rules the land with an iron fist with the help of the evil sheriff of rottingham (Roger Rees) and he assembles a band of likeminded patriots to do battle with them.

Filled with amazing swordsmanship, wonderfully crafted stunts and a lot of the trademark gags and pop culture references that Mel Brooks has become so rightfully famous for this film does not disappoint. It even has cameos by Brooks himself (Rabbi Tuckman) and Sir Patrick Stewart (Professor-X from the X-Men Series) as King Richard the Lion Heart.

Clip: “Robin Rescues Achoo” courtesy: MovieClips


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