Spaceballs: A Review

SpaceballsDirected By: Mel Brooks
Starring: Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, John Candy
Status: Released

Carrying on the traditions of Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein that came in the decade before it, Mel Brooks take on Star Wars and all things Science Fiction in this spoof. In fact I read somewhere that George Lucas was so impressed with the script that he lent Mel the full library of visual and sound effects that made Star Wars such an icon of film which added a layer of authenticity to an already well made film.

When the evil Dark Helmet (played by Rick Moranis) and his loyal lackey Colonel Sandurz (played by George Wyner) hatch a plan to kidnap Princess Vespa and steal away all of Planet Druidia’s fresh air, Handsome Space Bum For Hire Lone Starr (played by Bill Pullman) and his compatriot Barf (played by John Candy) soar off to the rescue. Along the way they meet Yogurt, who puts Lone Starr Wise to the power of The Schwartz can he harness it in time to save the day and the galaxy?

Filled with a lot of the trademark pop culture references (what the hell, it works on Star Trek) and parodies (I Can’t Breathe In This Thing) and an all star cast including cameos from Dom Deluise (as Pizza The Hutt), Joan Rivers (as Dot Matrix) and Michael Winslow (The Sound FX Guy From Police Academy) as A Radar Technician this film hits all the high notes in a top quality production that doesn’t stray from it’s plot but piles on fresh jokes, simply must see.

Clip: “The Radar Is Jammed” courtesy: Movieclips


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